The U.S. Finals

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= Denotes U.S. Finals Gold Bid
Monthly Rankings Months:

JAMfest Six Flags Thrill Jam 04/29/2017 Agawam MA All
USA Agoura Regional 01/21/2017 Agoura Hills CA
ACDA Castle Island Beach Masters 01/8/2017 Albany NY All
Spirit Unlimited Albany Capital Masters 03/25/2017 Albany NY
NCA/NDA New Mexico Spirit Championship 11/13/2016 Albuquerque NM All
UCA/UDA Land of Enchantment Championship 12/10/2016 Albuquerque NM
UDA Northwest Arkansas Dance Championship 10/8/2016 Alma AR
USA American Canyon Regional (No Spring Floor) 11/13/2016 American Canyon CA
Spirit Unlimited Commonwealth Championship 02/18/2017 Amherst MA All
USA Southern Cal Holiday Classic (All Star) 12/3/2016 Anaheim CA
USA Southern Cal Holiday Classic (School/Youth) 12/4/2016 Anaheim CA
UCA/UDA West Coast Championship 02/04-5/2017 Anaheim CA
American Championships The American Showcase 04/07-9/2017 Anaheim CA All
UDA Iowa Dance Challenge 11/12/2016 Anamosa IA
USA Deer Valley CA (All Star Cheer Not Offered) 01/21/2017 Antioch CA
NCA North Texas Division II Classic 11/6/2016 Arlington TX All
NCA/NDA North Texas Classic 11/6/2016 Arlington TX
NCA NCA Spring Classic 03/18/2017 Arlington TX All
NCA NCA All-Star Prep Nationals 03/19/2017 Arlington TX All
American Cheer Power Six Flags Championship 04/29/2017 Arlington TX All
Cheer Ltd. AC Reynolds Scholastic Regional 01/21/2017 Asheville NC All
XPB AC Reynolds Xpress Regional 01/21/2017 Asheville NC All
Cheersport Atlanta Grand Championship 12/4/2016 Atlanta GA All
ASC Battle Under the Big Top - Atlanta 12/10-11/2016 Atlanta GA All
Cheersport Atlanta Grand Championship 01/21/2017 Atlanta GA All
Spirit Unlimited Georgia State Masters 03/4/2017 Atlanta GA
Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals 02/04-5/2017 Atlantic City NJ
Coastal Six Flags Coaster 04/1/2017 Austell GA All
Cheersport Austin Grand Championship 04/1/2017 Austin TX All
Spirit Unlimited Chesapeake Championship 03/5/2017 Baltimore MD All
JAMfest The Cajun JAM 01/14/2017 Baton Rouge LA All
Cheersport Baton Rouge Grand Championship 03/25/2017 Baton Rouge LA All
Cheerstarz Ultimate Cheerstarz 01/7/2017 Bel Air MD All
Cheerstarz Northern MD Dancestarz 02/25/2017 Bel Air MD All
Cheerstarz Blue Crab Cheerstarz 04/8/2017 Bel Air MD All
UDA Northeast Dance Challenge 12/4/2016 Beverly MA
Cheersport Biloxi Grand Championship 01/7/2017 Biloxi MS All
JAMfest JAM Bash Biloxi 03/11/2017 Biloxi MS All
GLCC Santa's Challenge 12/10/2016 Birch Run MI All
UCA Southern Championship 12/11/2016 Birmingham AL
JAMfest The Bam JAM 02/0/2017 Birmingham AL All
ACDA Magic City Beach Championship 03/18/2017 Birmingham AL All
UDA Spirit of America Dance Championship 01/7/2017 Bloomington MN
Spirit Unlimited Six Flags Fall Extravaganza 10/8/2016 Bowie MD All
Cheerstarz Bowie State Cheerstarz 03/11/2017 Bowie MD All
Spirit Unlimited Six Flags Spring Extravaganza 05/6/2017 Bowie MD All
JAMfest JAMfest Canada 02/18-19/2017 Brampton ON All
JAMfest The Marquee JAM 11/19/2016 Branson MO All
COA Spotlight Championship 12/17/2016 Branson MO All
American Cheer Power NSPA Division II - End of Year Fun Compeititon 03/18/2017 Branson MO All
USA Brea Olinda Regional 01/15/2017 Brea CA
Spirit Unlimited Empire State Masters 04/8/2017 Brentwood NY
USA Rocky Mountain Classic (All Star Cheer Not Offered) 11/5/2016 Broomfield CO
JAMfest Denver Nationals 01/14-15/2017 Broomfield CO All
Cheersport Denver Grand Championship 03/4/2017 Broomfield CO All
UCA/UDA Desert Southwest Regional 12/3/2016 Buckeye AZ
Cheersport Buffalo Grand Championship 01/22/2017 Buffalo NY All
American Championships The American Majestic 02/24-26/2017 Buffalo NY All
USA John Burroughs Regional 01/29/2017 Burbank CA
GLCC Alleghany Nationals 04/23/2017 California PA All
Cheer Ltd. Union Pines Prestate 11/5/2016 Cameron NC All
UCA Bootheel Classic 12/4/2016 Cape Girardeau MO
Americheer March Madness Championship 03/5/2017 Centerburg OH All
ASC Sweetheart Classic 02/4/2017 Chapel Hill NC All
Cheersport Charlotte Grand Championship 11/12/2016 Charlotte NC All
US Spirit of Hope National Championship 01/14-15/2017 Charlotte NC
US The Grand Championship 03/12/2017 Charlotte NC
Athletic Championships Platinum Championship - Chattanooga 01/14-15/2017 Chattanooga TN All
JAMfest JAM Bash Chattanooga 03/4/2017 Chattanooga TN All
Cheer Ltd. Cherryville Prestate 11/12/2016 Cherryville NC All
XPB Maiden Winter Warm Up 11/12/2016 Cherryville NC
UDA Chicagoland Dance Championship 01/7/2017 Chicago IL
COA Windy City Championship 01/14/2017 Chicago IL All
USA Chino Hills Regional 12/3/2016 Chino Hills CA
ASC Clash of the Titans - Cincinnati 11/11-13/2016 Cincinnati OH All
JAMfest JAMfest Dance Super Nationals 02/18-19/2017 Cincinnati OH
UDA Great Lakes Dance Championship 11/12/2016 Clarkston MI
One Up One Up - Cleveland 11/19/2016 Cleveland OH
American Cheer Power NSPA Division II - 50's Championship - Cleveland 02/19/2017 Cleveland OH All
USA Clovis North Regional 11/5/2016 Clovis CA
Spirit Unlimited MD Halloween Classic 10/29/2016 College Park MD
Cheerstarz Cheerstarz Nationals 04/29/2017 College Park MD All
Americheer Ohio State Fair Cheer and Dance Competition 08/7/2016 Columbus OH All
WSF Buckeye Classic 10/29/2016 Columbus OH
Americheer Buckeye Grey Open Nationals 11/19-20/2016 Columbus OH All
Americheer Buckeye Scarlet Open Nationals 11/19/2016 Columbus OH All
American Cheer Power Christmas Open Championship - Columbus 12/3/2016 Columbus OH All
Americheer Winter Open Nationals 02/11/2017 Columbus OH All
COA Midwest National Championship 02/25-26/2017 Columbus OH All
Cheersport Columbus Grand Championship 04/22/2017 Columbus OH All
American Cheer Power Midwest National Championship 04/31/2017 Columbus OH All
Athletic Championships Silver Championship - Concord 01/7/2017 Concord NC All
Encore Encore Championship - Concord 02/4/2017 Concord NC All
Cheersport Charlotte Grand Championship 04/22/2017 Concord NC All
UCA/UDA Cheer for the Kids 01/21/2017 Cordova TN
USA Santiago Regional 02/11/2017 Corona CA
JAMfest The Wacky JAM 01/29/2017 Council Bluffs IA All
American Championships The American Heartland 02/03-5/2017 Council Bluffs IA All
USA Nor Cal State Dance Championships 02/11/2017 Cupertino CA
American Cheer Power NSPA Division II - Patriotic Championship 11/5/2016 Cypress TX All
NCA NCA All-Star National Championship 02/24-26/2017 Dallas TX All
ACDA The Peach State Beach Classic 12/18/2016 Dalton GA All
Spirit Unlimited Northern Peach Masters 02/11/2017 Dalton GA
Americheer Dalton ATL Open Nationals 03/26/2017 Dalton GA All
UCA/UDA Northern California Regional 11/13/2016 Davis CA
UCA/UDA Northern California Championship 01/15/2017 Davis CA
USA California Open 02/5/2017 Davis CA
JAMfest The Super JAM 02/11/2017 Dayton OH All
American Championships The STATE C & D Championships of Florida 01/13-15/2017 Daytona Beach FL All
ACDA Reach the Beach: Daytona Nationals 03/25/2017 Daytona Beach FL All
NCA/NDA NCA/NDA Daytona Beach International Championship 04/08-9/2017 Daytona Beach FL
Cheersport Chicago Grand Championship 01/28/2017 DeKalb IL All
UCA/UDA Mile High Championship 11/12-13/2016 Denver CO
America's Best Denver Championship 01/28/2017 Denver CO All
Spirit Unlimited White Mountain Championship 04/8/2017 Derry NH
UCA Hawkeye Championship 12/3/2016 Des Moines IA
America's Best Des Moines Championship 02/11/2017 Des Moines IA All
America's Best Detroit 1-Day Championship 02/11/2017 Detroit MI All
Spirit Cheer Motor City Nationals 03/24-26/2017 Detroit MI
ACDA Great Bay Beach Masters 02/26/2017 Durham NH All
Cheer Ltd. Forbush Prestate 10/29/2016 East Bend NC All
NCA/NDA Battle of the Sun City Spirit Championship 01/15/2017 El Paso TX
Cheer Ltd. Northeastern Prestate 10/29/2016 Elizabeth City NC All
Encore Encore Championship - Atlanta 11/19/2016 Emerson GA All
NCA Atlanta Classic 02/4/2017 Emerson GA All
American Championships The American Royale 03/17-19/2017 Emerson GA All
Cheerstarz Western MD Cheerstarz 02/4/2017 Emmitsburg MD All
USA San Pasqual Regional 02/25/2017 Escondido CA
JAMfest The Hallo JAM 10/22/2016 Evansville IN All
USA Del Campo Regional 01/7/2017 Fair Oaks CA
USA Bella Vista Regional 02/4/2017 Fair Oaks CA
Cheerstarz NOVA Cheerstarz 12/18/2016 Fairfax VA All
Spirit Unlimited Fairmont State Classic 03/4/2017 Fairmont WV
Cheer Ltd. Farmville Central PreState 11/12/2016 Farmville NC All
UDA Floyd Central Dance Championship 11/5/2016 Floyds Knobs IN
USA Summit Regional 01/7/2017 Fontana CA
Spirit Unlimited Sunshine Championship 03/18/2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Cheersport Fort Lauderdale Grand Championship 04/8/2017 Fort Lauderdale FL All
Athletic Championships Grand Championship - Destin 04/21-23/2017 Fort Walton Beach FL All
GLCC Speedway Challenge 02/11/2017 Fort Wayne IN All
ACA ACA All Star Championship 01/14/2017 Fort Worth TX All
ACA ACA Division II Nationals 01/14/2017 Fort Worth TX All
American Championships The American Showdown 01/20-22/2017 Fort Worth TX All
USA So Cal State Dance Championships 02/19/2017 Fountain Valley CA
ACDA Potomac Beach Championship 01/28/2017 Fredericksburg VA All
NCA Holiday Classic 12/3/2016 Frisco TX All
American Cheer Power Cash Bash Mini Nationals 01/07-8/2017 Galveston TX All
American Cheer Power Power Dance and Individual Nationals and Texas State Championship 03/11-12/2017 Galveston TX All
American Cheer Power Hit the Beach Championship 04/22/2017 Galveston TX All
American Cheer Power Halloween Holiday Championship - Garland 10/22/2016 Garland TX All
America's Best Gatlinburg 2-Day Championship 12/03-4/2016 Gatlinburg TN All
Cheerstarz Retro Rock Cheerstarz 11/6/2016 Glen Burnie MD All
Cheerstarz Classic Cheerstarz 02/19/2017 Glen Burnie MD All
USA Deer Valley Regional AZ 11/5/2016 Glendale AZ
Cheersport Phoenix Grand Championship 04/1/2017 Glendale AZ All
UDA North Shore Dance Challenge 11/13/2016 Glenview IL
USA Estrella Foothills Regional 11/19/2016 Goodyear AZ
NDA NDA All Star National Championship 02/10-12/2017 Grapevine TX
American Cheer Power NSPA Division II - Bid Championship 04/7/2017 Grapevine TX All
Athletic Championships Platinum Championship - Houston 04/8/2017 Grapevine TX All
Cheer Ltd. Northwest Guilford Prestate 10/29/2016 Greensboro NC All
UCA/UDA Carolina Championship 11/19/2016 Greensboro NC
US The Carolinas All Star State Championship 12/10/2016 Greensboro NC
Cheersport Greenville Grand Championship 01/22/2017 Greenville SC All
UDA Louisiana Dance Championship 01/8/2017 Hammond LA
ACDA Fall Fest Beach Classic 11/19/2016 Harrisburg PA All
LIVE! LIVE! - New England 02/5/2017 Hartford CT All
Spirit Unlimited New England Masters 02/25/2017 Hartford CT
NDA Oakland County Spirit Championship 01/21/2017 Holly MI
Athletic Championships Grand Championship - Honolulu 02/11-12/2017 Honolulu HI All
UDA Alabama Dance Championship 01/21/2017 Hoover AL
NDA Hoover City Dance Spirit Championship 02/11/2017 Hoover AL
NCA Arkansas Challenge 11/5/2016 Hot Springs AR All
JAMfest The Turkey JAM 12/10/2016 Hot Springs AR All
Cheerlebrity Cheerlebrity - Hot Springs 02/4/2017 Hot Springs AR All
JAMfest Hot Springs Nationals 04/01-2/2017 Hot Springs AR All
NCA Lone Star Division II Classic 11/12/2016 Houston TX All
NCA/NDA Lone Star Classic 11/13/2016 Houston TX All
Encore Encore Championships - Houston 11/19-20/2016 Houston TX All
American Cheer Power Christmas Open Championship - Houston 12/10/2016 Houston TX All
Cheersport Houston Grand Championship 12/11/2016 Houston TX All
American Cheer Power Wild West Open Championship - Huntington 02/18/2017 Huntington WV All
JAMfest Lite Huntsville 12/11/2016 Huntsville AL All
JAMfest The Turbo JAM 11/19/2016 Indianapolis IN All
COA Central Indiana Cup 12/03-4/2016 Indianapolis IN All
JAMfest JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 01/21-22/2017 Indianapolis IN All
LIVE! LIVE! - Indianapolis 03/04-5/2017 Indianapolis IN All
USA University Regional 12/10/2016 Irvine CA
UCA Dixie Championship 12/3/2016 Jackson MS
JAMfest JAM Bash Jacksonville 01/29/2017 Jacksonville FL All
Cheersport Jacksonville Grand Championship 04/9/2017 Jacksonville FL All
American Cheer Power Patriotic Open Championship - Kansas City 11/19/2016 Kansas City MO All
America's Best National Championship 12/03-4/2016 Kansas City MO All
LIVE! LIVE! - Kansas City 01/21-22/2017 Kansas City MO All
JAMfest Kansas City Nationals 02/18-19/2017 Kansas City MO All
Cheersport Kansas City Championship - NSPA Division II 03/04-5/2017 Kansas City MO All
Cheersport Kansas City Grand Championship 03/4/2017 Kansas City MO All
COA Mid America Nationals 03/11-12/2017 Kansas City MO All
American Championships The American Coastal 04/07-9/2017 Kenner LA All
NCA/NDA Sunshine Classic 01/8/2017 Kissimmee FL
UDA Florida Dance Championship 01/16/2017 Kissimmee FL
UDA National Dance Team & International All Star Championship 01/28-29/2017 Kissimmee FL
JAMfest JAM Bash Kissimmee 04/1/2017 Kissimmee FL All
COA ULTIMATE Nationals 04/14-15/2017 Kissimmee FL All
Cheersport Knoxville Grand Championship 01/28/2017 Knoxville TN All
USA Sonora Regional 01/28/2017 La Habra CA
Spirit Sports Battle by the Bay 02/25-26/2017 Lakeland FL
ACDA Keystone Beach Masters 02/11/2017 Lancaster PA All
Spirit Unlimited All Capital Classic 11/19/2016 Landover MD
American Championships The American Grand 12/16-18/2016 Las Vegas NV All
USA Las Vegas Classic 01/7/2017 Las Vegas NV
USA Nevada Open 02/11/2017 Las Vegas NV
UCA Bluegrass Championship 11/12-13/2016 Lexington KY
JAMfest The Winter JAM 12/17-18/2016 Lexington KY All
Cheersport Little Rock Grand Championship 01/8/2017 Little Rock AR All
JAMfest JAMfest Europe 06/25-26/2016 Liverpool ENG
USA All Star Championships 03/11-12/2017 Los Angeles CA
Americheer Kentucky State Fair Cheer and Dance 08/27/2016 Louisville KY All
JAMfest The JAMfest 10/29-30/2016 Louisville KY All
WSF All Star Cheer and Dance Championship 12/10-11/2016 Louisville KY
NCA/NDA Wildcard Classic 02/4/2017 Louisville KY
JAMfest Louisville Nationals 03/18-19/2017 Louisville KY All
American Championships The American Legacy 02/11-12/2017 Loveland CO All
JAMfest Boston Nationals 03/25-26/2017 Lowell MA All
American Cheer Power NSPA Division II - 50's Championship - Lubbock 01/21/2017 Lubbock TX All
JAMfest Lite Madison 11/12/2016 Madison WI All
American Cheer Power Patriotic Open Championship - McAllen 11/12/2016 McAllen TX All
Athletic Championships Gold Championship - Memphis 02/25/2017 Memphis TN All
WSF South Beach Classic 12/3/2016 Miami FL
ACDA Miami Beach Chamionship 01/21/2017 Miami FL All
UCA/UDA Milwaukee Championship 12/3/2016 Milwaukee WI
Athletic Championships Gold Championship - Minneapolis 12/10-11/2016 Minneapolis MN All
UCA Spirit of America Championship 01/7/2017 Minneapolis MN
GLCC Northern Star Challenge 02/25/2017 Minneapolis MN All
UCA Ten Thousand Lakes Regional 10/29/2016 Minnetonka MN
JAMfest JAM Bash Mobile 02/5/2017 Mobile AL All
ACDA Riverwalk Beach Championship 03/11/2017 Montgomery AL All
Americheer Spring Finale Open Nationals 03/26/2017 Mt. Vernon OH All
USA Cottonwood Regional 12/3/2016 Murray UT
USA Cottonwood Regional (All Star Cheer Only) 01/14/2017 Murray UT
Spirit Sports Battle at the Beach 03/25-26/2017 Myrtle Beach SC
ASC Lonestar Round-Up - Myrtle Beach 04/31/2017 Myrtle Beach SC All
Cheersport Nashville Grand Championship 10/30/2016 Nashville TN All
JAMfest The Country JAM 11/5/2016 Nashville TN All
NCA/NDA Nashville Classic 11/20/2016 Nashville TN
Americheer Music City Championship 01/22/2017 Nashville TN All
JAMfest JAM Bash Nashville 02/4/2017 Nashville TN All
ACDA Music City Beach Championship 02/19/2017 Nashville TN All
America's Best Nashville Championship 02/25-26/2017 Nashville TN All
Coastal Battle at the Capitol - All Star & Dance 02/11-12/2016 National Harbor MD All
Coastal Battle at the Capitol - Division II, School, & Rec 03/18-19/2016 National Harbor MD All
NCA/NDA SoCal Spirit Championship 01/22/2017 Newport Beach CA
JAMfest The Magic JAM 02/5/2017 Norfolk VA All
Spirit Unlimited Colonial Championship 03/18/2017 Norfolk VA
ACDA Tidewater Beach Championship 04/22/2017 Norfolk VA All
ACDA Reach the Beach Nationals: Ocean City - Rec/ School Nationals 02/24-26/2017 Ocean City MD School/Rec Only
ACDA Reach the Beach Ocean City Dance Nationals 03/11/2017 Ocean City MD Dance Only
ACDA Reach the Beach Nationals: Ocean City - All Star & College Nationals 04/01-2/2017 Ocean City MD All
USA Utah Open (Dee Events Center) 02/18/2017 Ogden UT
UCA Mid America Extreme Challenge 11/20/2016 Omaha NE
COA Cornhusker Championship 01/14/2017 Omaha NE All
UCA/UDA Southern California Championship 11/6/2016 Ontario CA
PacWest PacWest Winter Nationals 12/10-11/2016 Ontario CA
UCA West Coast All Star Championship 02/18/2017 Ontario CA
Cheersport Ontario Grand Championship 03/4/2017 Ontario CA All
Spirit Cheer Showdown In OTown Nationals 12/10/2016 Orlando FL
Spirit Sports Duel in the Desert 02/04-5/2017 Palm Springs CA
UCA Gulf Coast Championship 04/22/2017 Panama City Beach FL
NCA/NDA Mile High Spirit Championship 11/19/2016 Parker CO
UDA Georgia Dance Championship 02/4/2017 Peachtree City GA
UCA Midwest Championship 01/22/2017 Peoria IL
LIVE! LIVE! - Philadelphia 01/14/2017 Philadelphia PA All
JAMfest The Liberty JAM 04/1/2017 Philadelphia PA All
WSF Grand Canyon Championship 01/14-15/2017 Phoenix AZ
JAMfest The Cactus JAM 02/11/2017 Phoenix AZ All
USA Arizona Open 03/5/2017 Phoenix AZ
Americheer Pittsburgh Home Run Championship 09/24/2016 Pittsburgh PA All
JAMfest The Excite JAM 11/19/2016 Pittsburgh PA All
Cheersport Pittsburgh Grand Championship 12/3/2016 Pittsburgh PA All
Coastal Steeltown Regional 01/14/2017 Pittsburgh PA All
JAMfest JAM Bash Pittsburgh 02/4/2017 Pittsburgh PA All
Americheer Three Rivers Championship 03/12/2017 Pittsburgh PA All
ACDA Philly Beach Championship 03/11/2017 Pkiladelphia PA All
American Championships The American Northwest 12/02-4/2016 Portland OR All
PacWest Pac West Nationals 03/03-5/2017 Portland OR
Spirit Unlimited RI Rumble Championship 01/7/2017 Providence RI
Athletic Championships Platinum Championship - Providence 01/21-22/2017 Providence RI All
ACDA Ocean State Beach Masters 03/18/2017 Providence RI All
UCA Southern Colorado Regional 10/29/2016 Pueblo CO
Cheer Ltd. Sanderson Prestate 11/5/2016 Raleigh NC All
XPB Sanderson Regional 11/5/2016 Raleigh NC All
Cheersport Raleigh Grand Championship 11/20/2016 Raleigh NC All
Cheer Ltd. Cheer Ltd. Holiday Open 12/3/2016 Raleigh NC All
ACDA City of Oaks Beach Classic 12/17/2016 Raleigh NC All
ASC Return to Atlantis - Raleigh 01/27-29/2017 Raleigh NC All
XPB Broughton Xpress Regional 03/5/2017 Raleigh NC All
Spirit Unlimited Platinum Nationals - PA 04/8/2017 Reading PA All
USA Liberty Regional 01/28/2017 Renton WA
WSF Commonwealth Classic 11/13/2016 Richmond VA
ACDA Old Dominion Beach Classic 12/4/2016 Richmond VA All
Cheer Ltd. Cheer Ltd. Open Championships - Richmond 01/21/2017 Richmond VA All
Spirit Unlimited River City Championship 02/11/2017 Richmond VA
JAMfest Richmond Nationals 04/08-9/2017 Richmond VA All
Spirit Unlimited Platinum Nationals - NY 04/22/2017 Rochester NY All
Cheerstarz Maryland State Cheerstarz 03/18/2017 Rockville MD All
USA Roy Regional (No Spring Floor) 01/7/2017 Roy UT
UDA Southern Michigan Dance Challenge 01/8/2017 Royal Oak MI
America's Best America's Best-2-Day Championship 04/0/2017 Sacramento CA All
UDA Gateway Dance Championship 12/17/2016 Saint Charles MO
ACDA Delmarva Beach Classic 02/4/2017 Salisbury MD All
Spirit Unlimited Eastern Shore Classic 03/12/2017 Salisbury MD
Athletic Championships Platinum Championship - Salt Lake 02/24-25/2017 Salt Lake City UT All
American Championships The American Celebration 03/10-11/2017 Salt Lake City UT All
American Cheer Power Halloween Holiday Championship - San Antonio 10/15/2016 San Antonio TX All
NCA/NDA Alamo City Spirit Championship 11/5/2016 San Antonio TX
American Cheer Power Christmas Open Championship - San Antonio 12/11/2016 San Antonio TX All
American Cheer Power Southern National Championship 02/03-5/2017 San Antonio TX All
USA Arroyo Valley Regional 02/18/2017 San Bernardino CA
USA Southern Cal Winter Classic 01/15/2017 San Diego CA
Encore Encore Championship - San Diego 03/25-26/2017 San Diego CA All
NCA/NDA Nor Cal Open Championship 02/18-19/2017 San Francisco CA
American Championships The American Masterpiece 01/20-22/2017 San Jose CA All
UCA Southwest Regional 11/20/2016 San Marcos TX
GLCC Very Scary Challenge 11/05-6/2016 Sandusky OH All
GLCC Rock N Roll Hall of Fame National Championship 03/4/2017 Sandusky OH All
UCA Salt Lake City Regional 12/10/2016 Sandy UT
UCA Rocky Mountain Championship 01/21/2017 Sandy UT
USA California's Great America (All Star Cheer not Offered) 10/9/2016 Santa Clara CA
USA Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (No Spring Floor) 09/24/2016 Santa Cruz CA
USA Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Youth Teams Only) 09/25/2016 Santa Cruz CA
USA Saugus Regional 02/5/2017 Saugus CA
LIVE! LIVE! - Chicago 11/19-20/2016 Schaumburg IL All
GLCC The Showdown Grand Nationals 03/04-5/2017 Schaumburg IL All
American Championships The American Classic 03/18-19/2017 Schaumburg IL All
USA Arizona Classic (All Star Cheer Only) 12/3/2016 Scottsdale AZ
UCA/UDA Smoky Mountain Christmas Championship 12/03-4/2016 Sevierville TN
Encore Encore Championship - Sevierville 03/11-12/2017 Sevierville TN All
JAMfest Sevierville Nationals 04/08-9/2017 Sevierville TN All
ACDA Cajun Beach Championship 11/5/2016 Shreveport LA All
America's Best Shreveport Championship 01/14/2017 Shreveport LA All
JAMfest Shreveport Nationals 02/18-19/2017 Shreveport LA All
USA Utah Classic (All Star Cheer Only) 02/4/2017 South Jordan UT
UCA/UDA Mid-South Regional 10/29/2016 Southaven MS
JAMfest The Blues JAM 02/11/2017 Southaven MS All
ACDA Mayflower Beach Championship 12/10/2016 Springfield MA All
NCA Midwest Open Championship 01/14-15/2017 St. Charles MO All
NCA/NDA ChicagoLand Spirit Championship 01/22/2017 St. John IN
Athletic Championships Gold Championship - St. Louis 11/19-20/2016 St. Louis MO All
American Championships The American Gateway 01/28-29/2017 St. Louis MO All
Cheer Ltd. West Iredell Prestate 11/5/2016 Statesville NC All
Cheerstarz Valentine's Day Chrrestarz 02/18/2017 Steelton PA All
UDA Sterling Heights Dance Challenge 12/4/2016 Sterling Heights MI
USA Northern Cal Winter Classic 12/11/2016 Stockton CA
NCA/NDA Clark County Schools Spirit Championship 02/18-19/2017 Stockton CA
Cheersport Stockton Championship - NSPA Division II 03/11-12/2017 Stockton CA All
Cheersport Stockton Grand Championship 03/11/2017 Stockton CA All
Spirit Unlimited Syracuse Classic 01/28/2017 Syracuse NY All
JAMfest The Cool JAM 03/4/2017 Syracuse NY All
ACDA Salt City Beach Classic 03/11/2017 Syracuse NY All
Spirit Cheer Best of the Northwest National Championship 02/10-12/2017 Tacoma WA
UCA/UDA Northwest Championship 03/18/2017 Tacoma WA
WSF Bay Area Classic 12/4/2016 Tampa FL
American Championships The Official Florida Championships @ The State Fair 02/11-12/2017 Tampa FL All
American Cheer Power Tournament of Champions 04/8/2017 Tampa FL All
XPB Ledford Xpress Regional 02/25/2017 Thomasville NC All
Encore Encore Championship - Toms River 12/4/2016 Toms River NJ All
Spirit Unlimited Garden State Championship 01/7/2017 Toms River NJ
USA Kimball Regional 11/6/2016 Tracy CA
Spirit Unlimited Winter Showdown Championship 12/17/2016 Trenton NJ
Coastal Heavy Hitters 01/28/2017 Trenton NJ All
American Cheer Power Patriotic Open Championship - Tulsa 11/19/2016 Tulsa OK All
Athletic Championships Gold Championship - Tulsa 12/03-4/2016 Tulsa OK All
UCA Oklahoma Challenge 01/14/2017 Tulsa OK
NCA Oklahoma Classic 01/28/2017 Tulsa OK All
JAMfest Tulsa Nationals 03/04-5/2017 Tulsa OK All
Athletic Championships Gold Championship - Tunica 02/25-26/2017 Tunica MS All
USA Tustin Regional 01/21/2017 Tustin CA
USA James Logan Regional (All Star Cheer Not Offered) 12/4/2016 Union City CA
Americheer Winter Wonderland Open Nationals 01/15/2017 Uniontown OH All
Spirit Unlimited Charm City Master 12/10/2016 Upper Marlboro MD
ACDA Maryland Cup Nationals 01/21/2017 Upper Marlboro MD All
Spirit Unlimited Season End Championship 04/22/2017 Upper Marlboro MD
ACDA Gold Coast Beach Championship 02/18/2017 W. Palm Beach FL All
JAMfest Lite Detroit 11/20/2016 Warren MI All
Cheerstarz DC Cheerstarz 01/28/2017 Washington D.C. All
Cheerstarz Capital Cheerrstarz 04/1/2017 Washington D.C. All
Americheer City Lights Championship 01/15/2017 Wayne NJ All
American Championships The American Match Play 01/28-29/2017 West Palm Beach FL All
Spirit Cheer South Florida Nationals 02/03-5/2017 West Palm Beach FL
American Cheer Power Fiesta Texas Championship 04/23/2017 West San Antonio TX All
USA Elsinore Regional 01/22/2017 Wildomar CA
WSF City of Seven Hills Classic 12/10/2016 Worcester MA
Spirit Cheer Minuteman Championship 04/23/2017 Worcester MA
USA Yorba Linda Regional 01/14/2017 Yorba Linda CA
Cheersport Detroit Grand Championship 01/28/2017 Ypsilanti MI All
COA The Michigan State Championship 04/8/2017 Ypsilanti MI All