The U.S. Finals Awards
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GLCC Battle at the Lake National Championship 01/24/2015 Akron OH
ACDA Castle Island Beach Blast 01/18/2015 Albany NY All
Spirit Unlimited Albany Capital Championship 03/20/2015 Albany NY All
JDRF JDRF's Cheer for a Cure 01/31-32/2015 Amherst NY All
Spirit Unlimited Commonwealth Championship 02/22/2015 Amherst MA All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/22/2014 Atlanta GA
Spirit Unlimited Georgia State Championship 03/14/2015 Atlanta GA All
Coastal Six Flags Georgia 03/28/2015 Atlanta GA
Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk 02/07-8/2015 Atlantic City NJ All
Cheer and Dance Extreme The Showcase 03/28/2015 Atlantic City NJ All
COA The MASTERS Cheer & Dance Tournament 03/15/2015 Augusta GA
Spirit Unlimited Charm City Championship 12/13/2014 Baltimore MD All
Coastal Maryland State and Mid-Atlantic Battle 01/25/2015 Baltimore MD
Spirit Unlimited Chesapeake Championship 03/14/2015 Baltimore MD All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 01/24/2015 Baton Rouge LA
Eastern Cheer & Dance Mountain Ultimate 02/1/2015 Beckley WV All
Spirit Unlimited Ultimate Cheerstarz 01/10/2015 Bel Air MD All
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 01/31/2015 Biloxi MS
GLCC Santa's Challenge 12/13/2014 Birch Run MI
ECC Cheer Red for Nationals 01/10-11/2015 Birmingham AL All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 02/28/2015 Birmingham AL
ACDA Crimson Beach Blast 03/21/2015 Birmingham AL All
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 04/11-12/2015 Boston MA
Spirit Unlimited Six Flags Fall Championship 11/1/2014 Bowie MD All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/22/2014 Branson MO
COA The Spotlight by COA 03/14/2015 Branson MO
Independent Health Foundation Fitness for Kids Cheer Challenge 11/15-16/2014 Buffalo NY All
GLCC Allegheny National Championship 03/14/2015 California PA
Champion Cheer Central Fall Cheer and Dance Classic 11/2/2014 Canton OH All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance March Madness Championship 03/1/2015 Centerburg OH All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Palmetto Dance Classic 01/10/2015 Chapin SC Dance Only
JAMfest JAMfest Lite Series 02/8/2015 Charleston WV
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 10/25/2014 Chicago IL
LIVE! LIVE! Chicago 11/15-16/2014 Chicago IL
COA Windy City Championship 01/11/2015 Chicago IL
GLCC The Showdown Grand Nationals 02/06-8/2015 Chicago IL
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 02/28-29/2015 Chicago IL
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Great Lakes Open National Championship 03/28/2015 Chicago IL All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Cincinnati Home Run Championship 09/6/2014 Cincinnati OH All
Seton High School Seton Dance Invitational 01/10/2015 Cincinnati OH Dance Only
AmeriDance Mystical Illusion Dance Classic 01/25/2015 Cincinnati OH Dance Only
America's Best Cincinnati 2-Day Championship 01/31/2015 Cincinnati OH All
JAMfest JAMfest Dance Super Nationals 02/13-14/2015 Cincinnati OH Dance Only
AmeriDance Uptown Dance Classic 03/14/2015 Cincinnati OH Dance Only
Champion Cheer Central Red Hot 02/15/2015 Clarion PA All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Cleveland Home Run Championship 09/28/2014 Cleveland OH All
AmeriDance Spirit Dance Clissic 11/1/2014 Cleveland TN Dance Only
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 12/7/2014 Cleveland OH
Spirit Unlimited MD Halloween Championship 10/26/2014 College Park MD All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Harbor Lights Ultimate 01/18/2015 College Park MD All
Spirit Unlimited Terp Championship 02/14/2015 College Park MD All
Spirit Unlimited Season End "US Finals & Worlds Prep" 04/18/2015 College Park MD All
Cheer and Dance Extreme Carolina Clash 03/21/2015 Columbis SC All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Buckeye Open National Championship 11/08-9/2014 Columbus OH All
COA Holiday Kick-Off Championship 11/23/2014 Columbus OH
Greater Midwest Cheer Expo Holiday Event 12/7/2014 Columbus OH All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Winter Open Nationals 02/14/2015 Columbus OH All
COA Midwest National Championship 02/27/2015 Columbus OH
Eastern Cheer & Dance Queen City Extreme 02/21/2015 Concord NC All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Indiana State Chmpionship 12/6/2014 Crawfordsville IN All
America's Best Texas Championship 02/7/2015 Dallas TX
Spirit Unlimited Northern Peach Championship 02/1/2015 Dalton GA All
COA Wright State Cup 12/7/2014 Dayton OH
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 02/7/2015 Dayton OH Cheer Only
AmeriDance Ohio State Dance Classic 03/7/2015 Dayton OH Dance Only
ACDA Reach the Beach "Daytona" National 03/21/2015 Daytona Beach FL All
ACDA Rocky Beach Blast 01/10/2015 Denver CO All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 01/25/2015 Denver CO
America's Best Denver Championship 02/21/2015 Denver CO
GLCC Rolling Prairie Challenge 02/14/2015 Des Moines IA
Greater Midwest Cheer Expo Northern Xtreme 11/2/2014 Detroit MI All
JAMfest JAMfest Lite Series 11/15/2014 Detroit MI
America's Best Detroit Championship 02/14/2015 Detroit MI
Coastal The Cheer & Dance Masters 03/14/2015 Detroit MI
Eastern Cheer & Dance Big Apple Dance Classic 02/14/2015 Dix Hills NY Dance Only
Coastal Spring Fling at Kings Dominion 04/25-26/2015 Doswell VA
ACDA Great Bay Beach Blast 02/15/2015 Durham NH All
Advanced Spirit Association Lady Bug Classic 04/4/2015 Durham NH All
Spirit Extreme Frost Twilight Extreme 01/24/2015 Elizabeth NJ Cheer Only
Spirit Extreme Battle of Best 02/22/2015 Elizabeth NJ All
Spirit Unlimited Cheerstarz Nationals 03/29/2015 Emmitsburg MD All
Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading Challenge of Champions 11/8/2014 Erial NJ All
Champion Cheer Central Winter Beach Blast 01/18/2015 Erie PA All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 10/25/2014 Evansville IN
Greater Midwest Cheer Expo Fall Festival 11/16/2014 Fairfield OH All
AmeriDance Findlay Dance Classic 02/28/2015 Findlay OH Dance Only
AmeriDance Fusion Dance Classic 01/25/2015 Fishers IN Dance Only
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Northern Indiana Championship 11/22/2014 Fort Wayne IN All
Spirit Unlimited Sunshine Championship 03/7/2015 Ft. Lauderdale FL All
GLCC Speedway Challenge 02/14/2015 Ft. Wayne IN
America's Best Gatlinburg 2-Day Championship 12/06-7/2014 Gatlinburg TN
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 04/11-12/2015 Gatlinburg TN
Champion Cheer Central Over the Rainbow 03/15/2015 Geneva OH All
Spirit Unlimited Retro Rock Cheerstarz 11/9/2014 Glen Burnie MD All
Spirit Unlimited Classic Cheerstarz 02/21/2015 Glen Burnie MD All
Spirit Solutions Masquerade Classic 02/8/2015 Greenville SC All
Spirit Professionals Kick it for Kids Charity Event 02/28/2015 Hammond LA All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Hampton Roads Extreme 12/7/2014 Hampton VA All
ACDA Tidewater Beach Blast 04/18/2015 Hampton VA All
ACDA White Rose Beach Blast 11/22/2014 Harrisburg PA All
Spirit Unlimited New England Championship 02/28/2015 Hartford CT All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Garden State Dance Classic 01/18/2015 Hazlet NJ Dance Only
Spirit Unlimited Empire State Championship 04/18/2015 Hempstead NY All
Eastern Cheer & Dance All Star Nationals 04/18/2015 Hershey PA All-Star Only
Eastern Cheer & Dance Hershey National School/Rec Championships 04/19/2015 Hershey PA School/Rec Only
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 12/13/2014 Hot Springs AR
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/21-22/2015 Hot Springs AR
Spirit Unlimited Space City Championship 11/9/2014 Houston TX All
JAMfest JAMfest Lite Series 12/14/2014 Huntsville AL
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Steel City Championship 01/25/2015 Imperial PA All
GLCC Whirlwind Challenge 01/25/2015 Independence MO
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/15/2014 Indianapolis IN
COA Central Indiana Cup 12/6/2014 Indianapolis IN
JAMfest JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 01/17-18/2015 Indianapolis IN
JAMfest Just Dance 01/17/2015 Indianapolis IN Dance Only
LIVE! LIVE! Indianapolis 03/14-15/2015 Indianapolis IN
AmeriDance Heartland Dance Nationals 03/28/2015 Indianapolis IN Dance Only
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 02/1/2015 Jacksonville FL
America's Best National Championship 12/05-7/2014 Kansas City MO
ACDA Heartland Beach Blast 02/8/2015 Kansas City MO All
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 02/21-22/2015 Kansas City MO
COA Mid America Nationals 03/28-29/2015 Kansas City MO
Eastern Cheer & Dance Peach Tree Classic 02/22/2015 Kenesaw GA All
Spirit Unlimited Kissimmee Championship 02/1/2015 Kissimmee FL All
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 03/21/2015 Kissimmee FL
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance InterNational Championship 03/21-22/2015 Lake Buena Vista FL All
ACDA Keystone Beach Blast 02/14/2015 Lancaster PA All
Coastal Radical Rec 10/12/2014 Landover MD
Coastal Maryland Regional 03/7/2015 Landover MD
Eastern Cheer & Dance Battle of the States 01/17/2015 Landsdales PA All
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/28-29/2015 Las Vegas NV
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 12/13/2014 Lexington KY
Eastern Cheer & Dance New England Ultimate 02/15/2015 Lincoln RI All
ACDA Little Rock Beach Blast 01/31/2015 Little Rock AR All
GLCC Ragin Rock Challenge 02/28/2015 Little Rock AR
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/14-15/2015 Long Beach CA
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 10/4/2014 Louisville KY
JAMfest Just Dance 11/22/2014 Louisville KY
LIVE! LIVE! Louisville 01/24-25/2015 Louisville KY
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/21-22/2015 Louisville KY
Advanced Spirit Association Winter Wonderland 02/7/2015 Lowell MA All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Liberty Classic 02/28/2015 Lynchburg VA All
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Three Rivers Championship 03/8/2015 McKees Rock PA All
ACDA Miami Beach Blast 01/10/2015 Miami FL All
University of Minnesota University of Minnesota Cheerleading Championship 12/13-14/2014 Minneapolis MN Cheer Only
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/21-22/2015 Mobile AL
ACDA Riverwalk Beach Blast 03/14/2015 Montgomery AL All
Eastern Cheer & Dance EDA Nationals 03/07-8/2015 Myrtle Beach SC Dance Only
ACDA Myrtle Beach Blast 03/14/2015 Myrtle Beach SC Cheer Only
Eastern Cheer & Dance Beach Bash Nationals 04/26/2015 Myrtle Beach SC All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/8/2014 Nashville TN
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Music City Championship 01/17/2015 Nashville TN All
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 01/31/2015 Nashville TN
ACDA Music City Beach Blast 02/22/2015 Nashville TN All
America's Best Nashville Championship 02/28/2015 Nashville TN
Coastal Battle at the Capitol - All-Star, Dance & Collegiate 01/30/2015 National Harbor MD
Champion Cheer Central Presidents Day 02/21/2015 New Concord OH All
ACDA The Falls Beach Blast 02/15/2015 Niagara NY All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 02/22/2015 Norfolk VA
COA The Michigan STATE Championship 04/18/2015 Novi MI
ACDA Reach the Beach "Ocean City - Rec/School" Nationals 02/28-29/2015 Ocean City MD School/Rec Only
ACDA Reach the Beach "Ocean City - Dance" National 03/14-15/2015 Ocean City MD Dance Only
ACDA Reach the Beach "Ocean City - All-Star & College National 04/10-12/2015 Ocean City MD All-Star Only
COA Cornhusker Championship 11/22/2014 Omaha NE
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 01/31/2015 Omaha NE
COA ULTIMATE International Championship 04/03-4/2015 Orlando FL
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Rocky Mountain Championship 10/18/2014 Parker CO All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 01/10/2015 Pasadena CA
GLCC Salt Water Challenge 12/6/2014 Pensacola FL
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 10/11/2014 Peoria IL
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Philadelphia Home Run Championship 09/27/2014 Philadelphia PA All
Coastal The Cheer & Dance Masters 12/13/2014 Philadelphia PA
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 03/14/2015 Philadelphia PA
LIVE! LIVE! Philadelphia 04/11-12/2015 Philadelphia PA
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 02/28/2015 Phoenix AZ
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Pittsburgh Home Run Championship 09/20/2014 Pittsburgh PA All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/15/2014 Pittsburgh PA
COA Steel City Cup 12/14/2014 Pittsburgh PA
Coastal Steeltown Regional 01/10/2015 Pittsburgh PA
LIVE! LIVE! Pittsburgh 02/07-8/2015 Pittsburgh PA
ACDA Steel City Beach Blast 04/12/2015 Pittsburgh PA All
AmeriDance Port Huron Dance Classic 01/10/2015 Port Huron MI Dance Only
Spirit Unlimited RI Rumble Championship 01/10/2015 Providence RI All
ACDA Ocean State Beach Blast 03/15/2015 Providence RI All
ACDA City of Oaks Beach Blast 12/13/2014 Raleigh NC All
Cheer and Dance Extreme Raleigh Rumble 01/31/2015 Raleigh NC All
ACDA Old Dominion Beach Blast 11/8/2014 Richmond VA All
Eastern Cheer & Dance East Coast Open 11/9/2014 Richmond VA All
Coastal Richmond Battle 01/10/2015 Richmond VA
Spirit Unlimited River City Championship 01/24/2015 Richmond VA All
Eastern Cheer & Dance Capital City Extreme 03/1/2015 Richmond VA All
Spirit Unlimited Maryland State Cheerstarz 03/21/2015 Rockville MD All
AmeriDance Rocky Road Dance Classic 01/10/2015 Rocky River OH Dance Only
Cheer and Dance Extreme Delmarva Winter Splash 01/10/2015 Salisbury MD All
ACDA Delmarva Beach Blast 02/28/2015 Salisbury MD All
GLCC Very Scary Challenge 11/8/2014 Sandusky OH
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance Winter Wonderland Open National Championship 01/17/2015 Sandusky OH All
GLCC Rockin' Hall of Fame National Championship 03/07-8/2015 Sandusky OH
MCD Ultimate Productions MCD-Kalahari Open Nationals 03/21/2015 Sandusky OH All
Spirit Solutions Snowflake Classic 12/6/2014 Savannah GA All
ACDA Cajun Beach Blast 11/16/2014 Shreveport LA All
America's Best Shreveport Championship 01/10/2015 Shreveport LA
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 02/22/2015 Shreveport LA
JAMfest JAMfest Lite Series 02/21/2015 Southaven MS
JAMfest Six Flags Thrill JAM 04/25-26/2015 Springfield MA
JAMfest JAMfest JAM-Bash Series 02/28/2015 St. Louis MO
ACDA Occoquan Beach Blast 01/17/2015 Stafford VA All
Spirit Unlimited Syacuse Premier Championship 01/31/2015 Syracuse NY All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 03/7/2015 Syracuse NY
ACDA Salt City Beach Blast 03/21/2015 Syracuse NY All
Coastal Central Florida Face-Off 01/25/2015 Tampa FL
Greater Midwest Cheer Expo New Year's 01/11/2015 Toledo OH All
Champion Cheer Central Carnivale of Champions 03/8/2015 Toledo OH All
Spirit Unlimited Garden State Championship 01/10/2015 Toms River NJ All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 11/8/2014 Topeka KS
Coastal Heavy Hitters 01/11/2015 Trenton NJ
Greater Midwest Cheer Expo Go Red! 02/8/2015 Troy OH All
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 01/31/2015 Tulsa OK
JAMfest JAMfest Nationals Series 03/14-15/2015 Tulsa OK
JAMfest JAMfest Lite Series 12/6/2014 Upper Marlboro MD
ACDA Maryland Cup - Nationals 01/24/2015 Upper Marlboro MD All
Cheer and Dance Extreme The Grand CHEER Nationals 03/15-16/2015 Virginia Beach VA Cheer Only
Cheer and Dance Extreme The Grand DANCE Nationals 04/11/2015 Virginia Beach VA Dance Only
Spirit Unlimited All Capital Championship 11/22/2014 Washington D.C. All
LIVE! LIVE! Washington DC 03/28-29/2015 Washington D.C.
AmeriCheer/AmeriDance City Lights Championship 01/11/2015 Wayne NJ All
ACDA Gold Coast Beach Blast 02/21/2015 West Palm Beach FL All
Giltz All-Star Cheer AMP IT UP! 11/9/2014 Whitewarer WI All
Spirit Brands Island Championship 11/2/2014 Wildwood NJ All
ARSC ARSC Rec & School Championship 11/16/2014 Wildwood NJ School/Rec Only
Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 12/06-7/2014 Wildwood NJ All
Mid Atlantic MAC Nationalts 03/07-8/2015 Wildwood NJ All
Eastern Cheer & Dance ECA School/Rec Nationals 03/21-22/2015 Williamsburg VA School/Rec Only
Eastern Cheer & Dance ECA Nationals All Star Championships 03/21/2015 Williamsburg VA All-Star Only
JAMfest JAMfest Mega-JAM Series 12/6/2014 Worcester MA
Coastal Big League Brawl 01/4/2015 Worcester MA
Advanced Spirit Association Advanced Spirit Nationals 03/28/2015 Worcester MA All