The U.S. Finals Awards
It's SO affordable to GET RANKED!!

Since its inception, The U.S. Finals has always worked hard to create major event experiences for athletes and their families without breaking their budgets. Our events are a compete-once format to help keep travel expenses down, and yet still provide excellent pre-event organization and amazing on-site production.

  PAID BID $0/athlete $100/team  
  1st Place Bid $55/athlete $100/team  
  2nd Place Bid $75/athlete $100/team  
  3rd Place Bid $85/athlete $100/team  
  4th Place Bid $85/athlete $100/team  
  5th Place Bid $85/athlete $100/team  
*All teams regardless of bid must pay $100 processing fee per team. This fee increases to $200 after deadline.

The U.S. Finals' per athlete registration prices are based on the highest placement received at any U.S. Finals qualifier this season. Should a team earn a higher placement at a later qualifier, The U.S. Finals will honor the highest placement bid that a team earns during the season. If you register your team and they go on to earn a better bid, just submit your bid upgrade to us and we will refund any overpayment. Coaches, please call 1-877-5-FINALS to request access to the online Bid Upgrade Form.

Many U.S. Finals qualifier events will be awarding Paid Bids, but not all of them. Check with the event producer of your qualifier to learn if they are awarding Paid Bids. Also, The U.S. Finals does not dictate how Paid Bids are awarded, so if your qualifier is giving Paid Bids, be sure to also ask that event producer how they plan to award them.

Athletes are allowed to crossover to other teams an unlimited number of times at The U.S. Finals, however, there are no registration discounts for crossover athletes since every team earns its own bid independently.